A Woman's Best Accessory Is A Well-Dressed Man

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headshot 150x150 Who We AreHouse of Hund, established in 2004, is a full service custom clothing company specializing in menswear. We come to your home or office and assess your wardrobe. Based on your build, lifestyle and budget, we will design a wardrobe plan that is specifically tailored to your personal needs. Contact Karen today at 704.907.4376

Quick Testimonial

“Dear Karen,

We moved our headquarters to Charlotte in 1999 and soon thereafter had the great pleasure of working with you to tailor my wardrobe and accessory needs. Your attention to detail has been extraordinary and your service outstanding. I recommend your talent a competencies for fine tailored clothing and accessories. As you know, we are planning to move from Charlotte as I complete the retirement process as Chairman and CEO of the Goodrich Corporation. I will miss the pleasure of your advice and assistance and wish you the best of success in your future endeavors.”

David L. Burner
Retired Chairman and CEO
Goodrich Corporation

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